The Sign of Four: A Classic Story Uniquely Brought To Life. By Emma Gullon

Sherlock Holmes has well and truly cemented his place in popular culture. Over the centuries, he has been popularly recreated by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. Now Blackeyed Theatre brings one of his many cases ‘The Sign of Four’ to the stage in the classic, sophisticated fashion.


Following a series of puzzling events, an intrigued Holmes and his bumbling sidekick Dr. Watson once again find themselves in the midst of murder, betrayal and revenge. With the help of the demeur yet feisty Mary Morstan, the infamous duo set out to crack the case before it’s too late.


The minimal cast of six also formed the orchestra for the show. During the scene changes, they would pick up a clarinet, trombone etc. and play dramatic music to maintain the shows’ piece. This on top of their superb use of multi role added to their amazing talent. The actors playing Holmes and Watson executed their roles perfectly, balancing their clashing personalities with their very strong bond adding humour and drama equally. This showed how closely the play followed the source material, as well as have traces of Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman woven into the mix.


What really stuck out for me was the set design. While it was simplistic, the way it was utlisied added to the charm of the show. The wooden pillars easily transformed into a carriage, a boat and even a fortress. In a similar way to The Woman In Black, this scenery became a character in itself and made the flashbacks and scene changes all the more believable.


This version of ‘The Sign of Four’ is a must see – not just for Sherlock fans, but for all generations of theatre goers who want to experience a classic tale.


Click HERE to book the remaining dates @ CAST, Doncaster.

Click HERE for the remaining UK tour dates.


Photo Credit: Mark Holliday.


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