If I Say Jump – A Refreshingly Comical Look At Moral Issues. Written by Emma Gullon.

Life can be fickle at times; sometimes your morals, opinions and even your beliefs can be called into question and can change you as a person. But often, it’s for the better. Common Chorus shows this in a heartwarmingly funny way in their new play, If I Say Jump.


This two person act follows Barnsley’s new vicar Jenny, who’s trying to move on from her husband David. The only thing is he’s borderline stalking her and is sending her flowers day in and day out. However she is soon distracted when Danny enters her life. A recovering alcoholic with anger issues, and who gets into a fight with best friend Benson that has terrible consequences. With a gun in her safe and forced to choose between her faith and her emotions, Jenny’s life spirals out of control and she starts a journey of self discovery, both with comic and poignant moments.


Despite only being a two man show, the cast’s multi rolling was so believable, I sometimes forgot about that. All the changes were so quick, it didn’t just feel like Jenny and Danny telling you their story, I felt I was there as it was happening. The scenery consisted of only two chairs and an array of flowers. I think that this represented not only Jenny’s ex’s obsession with her, but also showed the comfort she found in the flowers, which she desperately needs as the play develops. As the bunches of bouquets subtly piled up, it also showed the changes in the other characters – this shows the calming influence Jenny has had on her friends and the community, even in the most stressful of situations, just as she wanted.

If I Say Jump is a dramatic yet uplifting story that will have you on the edge of your seat and laughing at the same time – an exciting night out not to be missed.

Click HERE for all the tour dates.




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